It is our belief that equipping teams with basic dispute resolutions skills would greatly serve any community, be it social, work place or even on a personal level.
To that effect we offer several areas of training.

Types of training and workshops available

We have separated the training in levels. Basic awareness of conflict resolution alternatives is useful to receive training in before taking the Mediation training.

We truly believe that every business benefits from learning a new approach to viewing conflict, and that time invested in resolving matters when they are small and in team building create pleasant and friendly working environment and ultimately benefit the business.

We pride ourselves in professional and interactive training, with role play at the core of it to help participants gain first hand experience in the topics presented.

Basic Training – (1 day training)

 Constructive conversations                                                                                                Non violent communication
Building rapport and a safe space
Conflict Management in Work teams
Advanced Listening skills
The power of questions
Supporting parties who feel powerless or negative
Making the connection
Self Narrative
Emotional literacy
Transformational conversations
Stress management
Performance management

Advanced Training (1-5 days)

Reframing for mediators (1)
Remaining impartial (1)
Conflict coaching (3)
Non Violent communication for mediators (1)
Workplace Mediation (5)                                                                                              Dealing with impasses(1)
Community Mediation (5)
Managing difficult conversations (2)
Mediating large groups (2)
Mediating teams (2)