The key principles of mediation

Impartiality – Independence – Neutrality – Voluntary participation – Confidentiality

Mediation is a process where independent, impartial mediators help parties to recognise and acknowledge their place in a dispute. It is a voluntary process and works best when the parties involved are willing to look for a resolution.

Workplace mediation

MEDIATION helps people to finally sort things out. It is a safe process where the parties involved get an opportunity to vent about the impact in a safe place with an experienced caring and supportive mediator on a 1 to 1 basis. The parties get to think through their needs and plan how to share things in a safe way with the other person later in the day.

The mediator has a number of tools to help people move away from the problem and the conflict zone towards resolution.

After the individual meetings with both parties, when they are feeling safe and confident they are then invited to meet with the other. There is a tried and tested safe process to guide them through the joint meeting.

The mediator will help them to move past any hurt, anger, resentment or emotional pain in the individual meetings therefore they are more confident and creative about solving the issues in their relationship with each other.

We have an extremely high success rate. We support the client and the parties, before during and after the mediation.

While HR or internal mediators can help resolve some disputes, it is sometimes beneficial and necessary to preserve a higher level of impartiality and confidentiality that can only be obtained with external mediators.

Team mediation (more than 2 parties)

 Teams are normally a complex structure of a thousand and one different variables and therefore need a more structured approach. We approach  team mediation with an experienced pair of mediators confident with handling high emotion and stressful situations.

Once the team has make commitments, we normally assist it to draw up some sort of an agreement at the end of the process which tends to become their very own Team Charter.

The process is adapted for each and every team. It includes initial contact with each individual, planning the mediation day and write up of any agreed resolutions. Support is provided before, during and after the mediation.

Community Mediation 

Community mediation is a confidential process, and is flexible to the needs of all the participants.

 Mediators facilitate the process without giving advice or expressing opinions and help the parties to outline a realistic way forward. Mediators work in an empathic and non-judgemental way.

 Community Mediators meet the parties individually in their own home initially and work in pairs to role model respectful and assertive communication. If both parties are in agreement mediators will arrange a neutral venue to bring them together. The parties are encouraged to talk openly to each other and the mediator facilitates a safe conversation where they can acknowledge differences and recognise common grounds and shared needs.