Conflict Coaching

Coaching is a forward moving process.

We will help you find out what specific challenges need improving and our commitment is to support you  in relation to the conflict you are involved in. Often our emotional responses to a conflict cloud our thinking, so being able to communicate about those openly with an impartial and non judgmental facilitator, enables the individual to find clarity and regain ability to do something about the conflict.

The GROW model is used throughout the coaching world to help clients to identify what it is they want and how it is they can start planning to achieve it.

Goal            What exactly is it that you want?

Reality        What impact is this having on you? What stopped you facing this issue?

Options       What are your options?  What could you do to move towards your goal?

Way forward      What specific actions will you take to move forward?

Conflict Coaching Benefits 

Conflict coaching reflects the fact that when one of the parties in a conflict changes, the nature of the conflict changes (positively). This change is facilitated through empathic listening, understanding and helping the individual to view clearly the issues at hand.