Antonia Jenkins

6Y9Nl3u0RrWhgYGrZRJayQ_thumb_1bd3Conflict resolution coach, trainer as well as workplace and community mediator, Antonia is the founder of EDRhub. She is responding to the need for an emphasis on tackling issues early on in the conflict resolution process. She is equipped with extensive international and cross cultural experience and is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. She is accredited in the UK with the TCM group and a member of professional bodies BIMA and The Hive. She has furthered her knowledge of interfaith issues through BIMA’s training on Faith Related Disputes.

Antonia’s style is empathic and calm with a positive energy and strong listening skills. She is an accomplished linguist, translator and language teacher and she writes extensively on her topics of interest: Conflict Resolution, Non Violent Communication, Community Building and overall Peace Making.

Currently resident in London, she has over 30 years experience in international settings, supporting, managing, training, coaching and mediating in a wide variety of social projects, both big and small, in over 15 countries. She started her career in Brazil and has worked in countries as diverse as Japan, China, Thailand and Lebanon, where she worked in the prison system, often in very demanding contexts where she had to use her skills and experience to the full.

As a member of her community, Antonia has a pro-active approach in a number of projects in her local area. She has worked for a number of UK charities notably Victim Support, Centrepoint and Age UK which gives her an excellent and first-hand knowledge of the voluntary and charitable sectors.

As well as being a skilled and seasoned professional, Antonia is an excellent motivator and mentor. She enjoys working with youth and her honest and kind nature gets results. Additionally, she recognises that the resolution of conflict in the workplace and the boardroom is key to productivity and good business practice.

Feel free to follow her blogs. Aside from Conflict resolution and community building, Antonia also writes on natural health issues and world events. She has contributed to a major published work on community building as an Associate of Mela Social Enterprise which can be found at the following link: