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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

This quote, attributed to B. Franklin, is at the heart of our work, at the “Early Dispute Resolution Hub“. We aim to support you through those “difficult conversations” in the hope they will happen as early as possible.

Disagreements, disputes, conflicts are a part of daily life and they must be handled sensitively but they will not go away unless steps are taken to build a bridge of communication. Our aim is to help you do that.

We also provide training to your teams, from community to front desk and management, in how to deal with conflict before it becomes damaging to the group, business and the individuals. Communicating effectively is a skill that can be acquired.

We can work in English, in French and in Spanish

Please get in touch about your particular needs. We provide bespoke coaching and training as well as community, civil and workplace mediation.